Our Amazing Features

Store & retrieve student data using cloud servers

  • Manage students admission process
  • Student information management
  • Store details of school and subject attendance for each student

School administration made easier

  • School timetable planning
  • School and Exam timetable modules

Manage Student Results more accurately

  • Computerized results
  • View Graphical Reports of Students Performance both subject and general

Share student feedback with parents with a click

  • See all Parent and Guardian Information in a single place
  • Send Free messages to parents

Supports communication within the organization

  • Inbuilt internal messaging system to connect with students, employees and teachers and parents

Completely hassle-free setup

  • Get started with minimal upfront cost and no hidden fees
  • Web based system which only requires a device - mobile phone, tablet, laptop to access
Why SchoolManager?

Here are some reason's why you should use SchoolManager...

  • Features for everyone
    •  Teachers
    •  Parents
    •  School administrators
    •  Students
  • Free Website
  • Zero Technology Management
  • Zero Payment on Servers and Domain Renewals
  • Minimal Downpayments
  • Free Training
  • Free Text Messages
  • 100% Availability
Why SchoolManager?

Features for teachers

  • Teachers will be able to speedily upload student's continous assessment grades and scores
  • Automate Computation of Results
  • Manage Students effectively
  • Devote more time to teaching and working with Students
  • Prepare student report cards speedily
  • Generate automated reports to compare student achievement and subject-by-subject performance from one term to another
Why SchoolManager?

Features for Parents

  • The system will involve parents in the everyday process of educating their children
  • The system will enable parents furnish required information about their wards online.
  • The system will allow parents view comparative analysis of their children's performance from one term to another on a subject by subject basis.
  • The system will increase the participation of parents in monitoring the academic performance of their children for enhanced outcomes
Why SchoolManager?

Features for School Administrators

  • Empower administrators to make informed decisions based on timely access to real-time data on students, staff and parents
  • Administrators will be able to see automated reports showing proficiency of individual students, subjects, grades or teachers
  • View and add comments to school reports
  • Manage student information seamlessly and communicate with parents more effectively
  • Manage and Plan School Activities Efficiently
  • Manage Teachers Efficiently
  • Ensure ease of storage of student records and other school data and make it searchable and available whenever needed.
  • SchoolManager allows you to manage exams, create exam timetables and reports as well as publish reports.
  • Present your results as charts and graphics
  • Present detailed results showing improvement on a subject basis
  • SchoolManager helps the School, Teachers and Parents identify specific areas of difficulty for each student and focus efforts towards improvement
Why SchoolManager?

Features for Students

  • The system will ensure that students in concert with their parents can follow their academic performances in detail.
  • Provide students with the information they need to set goals and participate in their education
Services We Provide

Migration Services

We offer data migration services to enable you to migrate your school to our SchoolManager platform. We can migrate your School data from any platform you currently use, Excel Spreadsheets, MS Word, MS Access or any other software to the SchoolManager platform. The cost of migration is dependent on the complexity of the data.

Customization Services

SchoolManager offers a full-fledged School Management Solution to meet the demands of modern school management, however should you require customization to meet specific needs which you may have, we can offer customized development to meet your specific requirements.You may contact us for pricing of a customized solution.

Data Conversion

We offer data conversion services to convert your data in paper format into electronic records to enable you manage your information seamlessly with SchoolManager.

SchoolManager Plans

Features Basic Plan Premium Plan
Electronic Student Records
Automated Result Generation
Electronic Storage of Student Academic Performance Records
Online Forms for Web Registration and Download
Application for Enrollment Forms
Free Website and Linking of EMS with Website
Free Bulk Text Messages (5 Times a Term)
Teacher Management and Subject Assignment
Parent Communication System
Access School and Student Information from anywhere using computers, mobiles and smartphones
Auto-Generate Testimonials and Transcripts of Student Performance
Free USB Internet Modem &Internet Plan (1500 a Month Data Plan)
School Finance Management
School Staff Management (Human Resources)
School Inventory Management
Online Payment of Staff Salaries and Generation of Payslips