About Us

SchoolManager is a flagship educational and school management solution from Zero&One Technologies. Zero&One Technologies is a leader in the delivery of Information and Communication Technology solutions to Government, Businesses, Schools, Hotels and other establishments in Nigeria. Founded in 2007, Zero&One Technologies has provides cutting edge solutions in the areas of ICT Consulting, Software Design and ICT Implementation Services. Zero&One Technologies is run by a multi-disciplinary team of Software developers, Education Practitioners and Business Consultants based in Nigeria and United Kingdom.


Our vision in the development of SchoolManager is to implement a world-class school management system to enable school administrators manage their schools efficiently while improving collaboration between the School, Teachers, Students and Parents. SchoolManager is designed to be simple to use while addressing all the needs of schools in the management of their operations.

  •  Managing Student data
  •  Managing the Classroom
  •  Managing Results
  •  Communication with Parents
  •  Involving Parents
  •  Managing School Administration
  •  Managing Academic Performance
  •  Analyzing Student Data

SchoolManager is a complimentary solution other Zero&One Technologies E-learning and education focused solutions such as the E-Slate Line of Tablet computers, and the MyCourses, MyBooks, and SchoolNotes Platform.


Affiliate Partner Program

Affiliate Partners are individuals or companies who are willing to work as partners and generate leads for SchoolManager. Affiliate Partners are supported by a world-class solution with an excellent technical team enabling them to deliver value and quality service to their clients. Affiliate Partners connect SchoolManager with leads and opportunities in their area and earn affiliate commission. Please contact us via info@schoolmanager.com.ng

Technical Reseller Program

SchoolManager Technical Reseller Program is for Technology companies and solution providers who wish to integrate the SchoolManager Solution as part of their offerings.
If you wish to offer SchoolManager as part of your technology offering, Please contact us via info@schoolmanager.com.ng

Network Partnerships

SchoolManager via its partnerships with Network Connectivity Providers can deliver turnkey solutions for schools that desire same. Connectivity solutions are available for both Broadband and 3G connectivity.

Payment Partnerships

SchoolManager has partnerships with major payment gateways to support your school with mobile and online payment options as part of its turnkey solution

Hardware Partnerships

SchoolManager has partnerships with major hardware manufacturers and can provide a turnkey solution that involves supply of hardware such as Computers, Tablets and Phones.

Media & Press

Zero&One Technologies has just launched her acclaimed School Management Platform and together with her affiliate partners will be bringing this revolutionary School Management solution to a school near you. For press releases and information and updates on upcoming events, contact us at info@schoolmanager.com.ng


SchoolManager is recruiting skilled and tested software programmers and database analysts in its drive to continually enhance its product offering. Applications are invited from interested applicants who wish to work in a unique, goal driven and innovative environment. Send your applications to jobs@schoolmanager.com.ng